Saturday, December 20, 2008

Old Friends

This year I have gotten back in touch with several old friends from my high school graduating class of 1979 through Facebook. Christi Wells is one of these friends. She lives in Texas and has traveled to Colorado several times lately. This past week, we were determined to get together, as it may have been the last of her business trips to Colorado. The weather was atrociously cold and snowy this week, but Rowen was willing to drive me to south Denver so I would not have to "brave" the winter driving. Tuesday evening, we met at the Hilton Garden Inn lobby in Englewood and talked for 2 1/2 hours straight!

It was such a delightful evening, getting reacquainted after all of these years. I was so glad to hear of Christi's journey and how God is real in her life!

Rowen scanned our senior pictures from the yearbook and added them to the picture below. We really haven't changed THAT much. I think anyone could tell we were us! However, I agreed with Christi when she said, "I don't miss anything about high school but my body!" But thinking it over, I would have to add that I do miss the friends that are so far flung now. It is such a blessing to be getting back in touch with some of them. Maybe we can be better friends now than we had the capability of being back then!

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