Monday, January 19, 2009

Prayer needed for a friend from the past

Recently I, Janet, have been working on finding highschool classmates for the purpose of our 30th high school reunion in July 2009. It has been so rewarding to me to get back in contact with people I haven't seen or heard of for 20-30 years! Through these contacts, I learned today about one of our classmates, John Esther, an anesthesiologist in Springfield, MO, who is battling cancer. The Lord has helped miraculously and given him recovery after 2 brain tumors were removed. Now he is receiving chemotherapy. The family wants continued prayer for the chemo to be effective on any bad cells and for good cells to be protected from the chemo. Our family has had its share of cancer journeys and still going through one with our dear brother-in-law, Ron Profitt, so I know the value of prayer in these times. I thought maybe some of our readers would like to go to the blog about John and help pray for this family.

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