Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Joplin Trip

Back in November when we saw a good price on airline tickets to KCI, we purchased them so I could go and help with Randy and Joy's new baby who was supposed to arrive in February. Micah actually arrived January 26, so he was already 3 weeks old when I went to "help" with him.
So on February 17, I did something I had not done for 25 years--flew alone! I rented a car at the airport and drove to Joplin. The Lord really helped me, as I usually get very sleepy just driving to Greeley or Loveland. I was happy to spend a week helping with Quil and Micah and many household tasks. I got to spend some time with my parents also. One evening was spent playing Dutch Blitz, Clue, and Password with Randy, Joy, Tim, and Brenda! We had a lot of fun. My family left here at home did me proud by keeping everything done just as if they didn't need me! :) Here are some pictures from my time in Joplin.
My sisters, Sherry and Marlene, enjoying Micah.

Randy and Quil

Joy, Micah, and the cell phone

My mother, Wanda Scoles, and Micah

Quil, 20 months old

Quil and Micah

Grandma Janet and Micah

Micah doing what he does best....

My daddy, Rex Scoles, and Quil

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