Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pictures and prayers: all we have right now!

We haven't met little Micah in person yet, but Randy has sent us some more pictures from last week. I, Janet, am planning to fly to see him on Feb. 17 and stay for a week. In the meantime we are doing a lot of praying for him and his family. The SD flu bug flew in over the weekend and bit Joy and Quil. Today they are over the very high fevers, but are weak and coughing still. We are trusting that Micah and Randy will stay well. We are glad Joy's mother is there helping during this time.

Joy and Micah with flowers from Randy

Joy and Micah with flowers and balloons from her parents

Micah wrapped in the crocheted blanket from Great-grandma Scoles


StacieH said...

He is so beautiful! I can't wait for you to get to see him!:)

Tamesha said...

Nice pix!!!!!!!!
I am glad you get to go