Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scripture quilt top completed!

For my birthday in August of 1998, I received some fabric from my oldest son, Randy, who was not quite 13 at that time, that he wanted me to make into a quilt. Believe it or not, I finally did it!! The scripture blocks all around the edges of the bed came from that fabric. Through the years, I put other fabrics that had similar colors in the bag with the gift from Randy.

When I pulled the bag out a month ago, I found the large panel in the middle of the quilt as part of the collection. Because of using that and the scripture blocks, there was less piecing in this quilt and it went pretty fast. The only piecing was the strips between the scripture blocks and the four corner small square areas.

The triangle border is supposed to match the small triangles in the middle panel. If you click on the bottom picture and make it bigger, you can see the small triangles.
Now the quilt top is in MO and will be machine quilted soon! Hopefully we will get it and Emily's quilt in July and get the binding done soon after.

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