Saturday, May 2, 2009

Painting the House project

A few weeks ago, Rowen published a picture of our house with a request for suggestions for colors of paint we should use on it. We considered sage with white trim, but upon discovering we had a lot of trim paint already paid for, we decided to go with a color compatible with the trim color. We ended up choosing Icicle, which is a blue-white color, for our main color. Our house needed some construction work before we could start on the painting. Rowen and the boys replaced several rows of siding and the front and west end gable fascia boards. Of course, there was much sanding, caulking, and scraping to do as well. This first picture is of the west (garage) side new siding after it was primed.

Beth was in charge of the shutters. She took the hearts off, preparatory to painting them and the shutters.

Some of the hearts broke, so she glued the repairable ones, and actually made a brand new one from scratch!

After all the painting, she reassembled them.

Emily was the only one small enough to comfortably paint under the overhangs.

Jason was only three last time we painted so the whole experience was new to him. He had to get used to painting on a ladder, either handedly, even though he is a lefty.

Here he is priming up higher. After a couple of hours at this, he felt very shaky and had to have a break!

Rowen and Jeffrey started the rolling process. After four of us did some rolling and we had streakiness, we decided to let Rowen do all the rolling the second coat for consistency's sake.

Janet on the roof doing the gutters with the Phillipsburg Blue trim paint.

Emily loved to paint anywhere within her reach.

Rowen and Janet enjoying some "together" time painting by the shed.

Several of us cutting in at once. Janet had just relinquished her position to Emily in favor of making lunch, but Beth insisted I stay in the picture. So I said I would "shake the ladder!"

Jeffrey caulking up high.

Janet and Jeffrey on the plank, doing more cutting in.

Emily, with a look of concern, watching the headless people painting.

Rowen sanding the gutters on the back. We were very thankful for the wonderful, sturdy ladder we were able to purchase off Craig's list this spring. It was very necessary for the high parts of the house.

Jeffrey cutting in on the east side of the house.

When Rowen was busy putting up the shutters, Janet needed to leave to go to Sam's Club. There was never a good bye kiss just like it!

Beth needed to conquer her fear of heights. The ladder is leaning against the gutter three feet away from the house.

Virtually finished! April 30, 2009. We still have the back passage door of the garage and some touching up to do. We will want to paint the deck too, before putting away all the brushes. The kids are anxious to get the tent set up on the deck, so we will do the deck painting as soon as the weather gets nice again.

Keep in mind, it is not a "white" house; it is "Icicle" color!

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