Monday, June 29, 2009

Visit from the KS Albertsons

Last Tuesday, our nephew, Herb, his wife, Jenny, and their kids, Abigail, Ben, Celeste, Daniel, and Ezekiel came for a visit. Because they have lived so far away for several years, it was the first time they had come to stay for several days since Celeste was a baby, (around 9 years ago). Now they are located in Sterling, KS, only 7 hours away. We had a great time together!

The kids played a lot of games together, besides taking bike rides, and playing "Hide and Go Zeke!!"

A really sweet thing Zeke wanted to do when Beth practiced her flute--play along with the recorder. He was very good at doing the same rhythm as Beth.

On Friday, we went to the mountains. On the way, we stopped to enjoy climbing on rocks down to the South St. Vrain River. We always enjoy the sound of the rushing water. Here Jeffrey and Emily are getting reacquainted. (We got Jeffrey back from FL and Haiti on Thursday evening!)

Jenny and Zeke. Notice how beautiful the sky was!

Daniel, Celeste, and Emily enjoying the scene.

We got to Meeker Park where we intended to eat our picnic 'way before lunch time, so we spent the time playing horseshoes. Mostly we were trying to teach the younger ones to play; the adults barely got to play a short game...
Jeffrey and I on one end; Jenny and Rowen were on the other end.

Emily, Daniel, and Celeste waiting their turn to play horseshoes.

This is such a funny picture I had to include it for silliness. Nobody knows what we were gesturing about!

The scene of playing horseshoes at Meeker Park picnic area.

Jeffrey with his ringer.

Jenny was the only adult with a ringer. Guess the kids got to play the most!

Ben and his ringer.

One of Emily's ringers.

Abby and Daniel both got ringers on this round!

Our mountain picnic. You are not going to believe this, but we had hot lasagna as the main dish! We baked it before leaving home and wrapped it in towels and kept it warm in the "cooler" for our picnic. It was yummy!

Mt. Meeker, taken from Meeker Park picnic area

Our kids and their "cousins-once-removed": Emily, Jason, Celeste, Ben, Abby, Daniel, Jeffrey, and Beth

The girl cousins: Beth, Abby, Emily, and Celeste

Herb and Jenny's family "high in the Rockies!"

Our family "high in the Rockies!"

Saturday evening: The pelican we saw on the Johnstown Reservoir.

Our walk around Johnstown Reservoir. Janet, Zeke, Jenny, Beth and Abby in the back.

Celeste and Emily up on the climbing wall at the park by the lake. Isn't the sky a gorgeous shade of blue?!

Sunday afternoon: a group picture before the KS Albertsons departed.

We were so glad to have the KS Albertsons for a fun summer visit!

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