Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bitter / Sweet Independence Day

One of the first things that I did this morning, was what many "red-blooded" Americans have done for generations; I put our family flag in its holder on the front of our house. As I did it, I wondered again why I was doing it, what it really means to me, and what it might mean to others as they drive by our house.

Does it indicate to observers that I am firmly in support of our current federal government, and all that they are standing for and supporting? I certainly hope not!

Does it mean that I want to identify with things like they used to be, say on the original Independence Day? Well, I think so...

Could it mean that I wish to elevate the importance of the U.S.A. above all other countries and peoples on earth? NO! I have too many close relatives living in, and serving the people of countries around the world to ever have that thought...

Is the God of the Bible ever pleased when His people show allegiance to an earthly kingdom, perhaps more, or at least more visibly, than they do to Him? Oh, Lord help us!

Soon after installing the flag, I went and retrieved the morning newspaper from the driveway. In it was a Hobby Lobby full-page ad, which they are famous for on significant holidays. Please click HERE to read it, if you haven't seen it in your local paper. It inspires many "God and Country" thoughts and feelings that I have always held dear....

Later I checked email, and found that a relative had written a letter this very morning, about his observations this week, where he is in the troubled Central American country of Honduras. Here is an excerpt:

"Here is what is happening here right now. The Honduran Congress, Supreme Court, the armed forces and the majority of the people were not in favor of the leftist trend that the president was taking here. Hugo Chavez from Venezuela had helped put this president, Zelaya, in power and he is trying to keep him in this position. Zelaya was trying to change the constitution, Chavez style, so that he could stay in power. The people of this country did not want this style of dictatorship nor a leftist government. This problem, along with 17 other issues, caused the Congress and the Supreme Court to ask Zelaya to step down as president. This would be like an impeachment in the States. However, Zelaya would not step down, so the Court asked the Army to arrest him and get him out which according to the Constitution here was legal and the proper procedure.
Well, Fidel Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and the other leftist presidents didn’t like this, so they started making a big issue out of it. The president of the United States, President Obama and Hillary Clinton, decided to go with the communist leaders and that has made the situation worse. Obama would not receive nor listen to a delegation from the present government that wanted to explain the situation to them. Instead they gave this government 72 hours to allow the ex-president back in the country and turn the government over to him again! Why would Obama and Hillary side in with Castro, Chavez, Ortega, and the other leftist presidents to try to force a leftist government back on the country of Honduras? As a true American and a loyal defender of American liberties and democracy, I feel that we have been betrayed! The newspaper yesterday said that there were more then 25,000 people who are ready to surround the airport to keep the ex-president out! What has Obama done? He is demanding that Zelaya be reinstated as president of Honduras! The street news yesterday was that the U.S. might allow the ex-president to fly back into Honduras through the large military base just outside of Tegucigalpa! What are we coming to? What has happened to American thinking? The majority of the Honduran people are pro-American and do not want Castro, Ortega, nor Chavez communism to rule their country? Is this their right? Now some of the people here who used to be backers of Obama are seeing another side of him and are turning against him and the U.S.A. politics! Can we blame them? What a sorry situation and what a disgrace for America! Yesterday, as we were driving out here to San Luis to try to get away from the political mess that Obama has helped to create, we passed the large military base that the U.S. has in this country. It made me sick to think that Col. Oliver North used to work out of this base to try to help fight communism, but now our President Obama is thinking of using it to help reinstate communism in this country that doesn’t want it! Do you see why I am upset? Can you understand why I, as an American, loyal to our country, feels betrayed? Yes, I know that there are some riots in this country caused by those who want the ex-president back in power, but guess what? The leaders of these street riots are being captured and do you know where they are from? You will not find this out in the US news, but the truth of the matter is that the leaders that are being caught are from Cuba and Nicaragua! This is what Obama and Hillary are backing up! Honduras does not want this! As a committed American I do not want this! May God have mercy on America and wake her up is my prayer! Americans, on this Fourth of July, please stand up for our country, for our democracy, and for the freedom that we want and for which so many of our good men and women have died!


(Post by Rowen)


Laura said...

Interesting and troubling post... we definitely are in uncertain times. I pray we can have a major turn around in 2010, but at the same time, I'm aware that earthly kingdoms are not what it is all about. May our heavenly Father help us to stand firm on what we believe to be true no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

Rowen ... we are certainly in VERY TROUBLED times in our Amerika ... our leaders are treasonous renegades ... they have already made the decisions to sell out to the world gubbermint ... MANY people believe we will not survive past the end of September ... only Our Father YHWH can direct our Salvation ... He certainly is the ONLY ONE to seek as a Savior!