Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guests for the evening

Last evening, we were privileged to have Sam and Debbie Lindahl for a meal and visit. They were KCCBS boys' dorm parents when I was a student 27 years ago. Debbie and I worked together on 3N at Shawnee Mission Medical Center for two years. She was always such a good nurse and leader and helped me gain skills and confidence I needed as a new RN. Debbie still works as an RN, even though I gave it up long ago when Randy was born.

It has been nearly 26 years since I have seen them in person, and Rowen and our children never had known them except for my stories and letters from them through the years. Our children really enjoyed Sam's sense of humor, (he kept them in stitches), which we are so glad he still has, even though he has been battling cancer for 12 years. The joy of the Lord is their strength.

I thank God for this opportunity to renew acquaintance with these precious people of God.

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