Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In memory of our friend, Zonya Campbell

Our friend, Zonya Campbell, went home to heaven August 17. Cancer had invaded her body and God, in His wisdom, chose not to heal her. We don't understand His reasons, but we know He doesn't make mistakes. Zonya and her family are very special people. We feel blessed to have known them and fellowshiped with them. Together we enjoyed many meals, picnics, snack times, lots of volleyball games, popcorn, bonfires, even a hay ride, several hikes, lots of songs, much laughter, some games, and lots of visits and testimonies of God's leading in our lives. Zonya had such a cheerful and grateful spirit; she was creative in many types of crafts. She loved the outdoors, gardening, singing, making something special out of what other people did not value. She homeschooled her children and taught her girls to cook, sew, crochet, and keep house.
Here is a picture of her family, minus their older son, from sometime in 2005.

Their family are quite the walkers and hikers and this is a picture taken one evening when we and other church families went on a mountain hike with them. Never mind that it rained cats and dogs and we were all soaked when we got back to the trail head! Zonya has an arrow pointing toward her.

Labor Day in 2005, we spent the day together in Rocky Mountain National Park. Here we are at the top of Trail Ridge. Zonya has the arrow pointing to her again.

For 2005 Christmas, the Campbells wanted to do a Living Nativity for the community. This picture is special to me because the little girls in the picture are the girls I have babysat all their lives. They were experiencing baby Jesus and mother Mary (Zonya) up close and personal.

Zonya's funeral and burial last Friday brought blessing through the tears. She has finished her race and won the prize--she's at home with Jesus in Heaven. I'm anxious to go there too. Don, Isaac, Hannah, Abigail, and Phineas are in our prayers as they learn how to live without the wife and mother in their family. God's grace will hold them.

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