Monday, September 21, 2009

Maxwell Family Home School Conference Sept. 11-12

On Friday evening and Saturday all day, Sept. 11-12, our family was privileged to be at the Maxwell Family Home School Conference. On Friday evening, the family gave an hour long Bluegrass Concert before speaking for an hour about "Having a Vision for Your Family." We got some pictures only during the concert, and then not of all the family members. But you can go to their website and see better pictures of all of them. The sessions on Saturday were for young men and young ladies, as well as for the dads and mothers. The older Maxwell children, Christopher and Sarah, taught the younger people, while Steve and Teri taught the dads and mothers. We enjoyed this conference immensely and are trying to put the things we learned and were reminded of into practice. If you will go to their website linked above, there is a schedule of conferences they are doing right now. If one is in your area, we think you would benefit from going, even if you do not homeschool. They are a beautiful, Godly family and a blessing to many people.

Sarah Maxwell, with her mother, Teri, on the left

Anna Maxwell, playing the fiddle

Steve Maxwell, father of eight

John and Jesse Maxwell, Mary hidden behind John.

Joseph Maxwell, brother Christopher hidden behind him.

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