Friday, September 4, 2009

Peaches, Old Friends, Jason's 14th birthday

Beautiful, fresh Colorado western-slope peaches!

Twice in the past two weeks we have canned peaches. We were thankful for how old our children are, so that they are all good helpers!
Because of Facebook, I have been able to be back in touch with one of my nursing school classmates. We graduated together in 1981 from Missouri Southern State College (now University) in Joplin, MO and had not seen each other since then. In the picture below, Hermina has a white arrow pointing to her and I am under the black arrow.

Hermina and her husband, Craig, came out to Colorado on vacation last week, and we arranged to get together for a mountain picnic. It was such a delight to see Hermina again and to visit together.

We looked at our nursing graduation picture and identified each person. Hermina has kept in touch with some of our class through the years and my goal is to try to find more of our classmates if they are on Facebook.

Jason turned 14 on August 29. We had such a delightful day celebrating his birthday. Mike Durkee came up for the day and we played some Dutch Blitz. We threw some horseshoes. We did some go-cart rides; some of our group had a great time on water bumper boats and got very wet from the water guns. Everybody got dried out during a game of miniature golf. But, alas, after the pictures were removed from the camera and on the computer, they were not saved in the computer, and they are GONE! That is the only sad note about the day, because we had a very fun time and Jason said it was one of the most fun days that he remembers. He had a nice cake too, and blew out all the candles, but we cannot prove it without the pictures...

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