Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rowen's horrible childhood memories...revisited!

Tonight I found myself reminiscing about my childhood... I recalled terrible memories of when I was... oh maybe 8 -12 years old. One thing that I always hated to do was cover the tomatoes with old bedspreads on the first night that frost was threatening. The whole ordeal, of getting out the ragged bedspreads used only for this purpose, to enduring the bitter cold breeze with rain or snow in it, to tramping around in the now-muddy garden soil, to .... you get the idea. The next morning someone had to pull those nasty, wet, muddy bedspreads off of the tomato plants and figure out what to do with them. So often I would think, why don't we give it up already? All this for a few lousy tomatoes?

Now tonight, I found myself, (a 51-year old dad, grateful for every delicious vine-ripened tomato after we thought we'd have no tomato crop due to hail in July) covering our precious tomato plants.
It is the first day of Autumn, and the forecast is for 35'F and rain / snow tonight and tomorrow. It is too early to give up on our garden yet...

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