Monday, November 9, 2009

How we learn colors around here

Since Randy was a little boy, and that was a long time ago, I have had hair fasteners in the bathroom drawer. We have sometimes used them in people's hair, but mostly they have been for entertainment and learning for little children, while I was combing my hair or someone else's hair. If I wanted to have the little child where I could watch them while I was tied up with hair combing, I got out the bag of hair fasteners. This morning as I combed my hair and Emily's, and Lincoln was with me so that Beth could do some school, I thought about how I have taught my kids and those we babysat all about colors, counting, and sorting with these fasteners. Some of them are losing their elasticity from old age, but they are still fascinating to little ones. Today Lincoln sorted yellows, reds, blues, and whites, before he made them into a necklace of sorts. I knew where he was the entire time, and Beth got some school done!

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