Tuesday, November 24, 2009

November bonfire with friends

On November 21, we were invited to join some friends for a bonfire, weiner roast, and devotion time in a farmer's field near LaSalle. It sounded like a fun thing to do, and we wanted to get together with the friends, so we did it. We arrived at 4 PM and the temperature was about 44 degrees. It was 34 when we went home at 8:30 PM.
Ephraim Cruz got a nice fire going. The Cruzes had brought hay bales to sit on and straw to cover some of the mud. After the nice snows we have been having in November, the field was pretty muddy, and there was still snow around.
Ephraim never donned a coat all evening, but the rest of us were not so brave!
Beth had a babysitting job and Jeff had to work until after 5 PM and came later, so they are not in this picture. (Rowen was taking the picture.)

It did get dark soon and very dark later!

We enjoyed our roasted 'dogs and marshmellows and the other salads and food that was available.

After everyone had eaten, we sang some songs and told some stories.

At the end, a new Christian burned two boxes of things she no longer wants in her life. She obeyed God and burned her bridges. I thought it was a lot like baptism--a testimony of a new life to be lived for God alone!

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