Friday, January 1, 2010

A Christmas evening with our Friends

I am so far behind on blog posts, but thought I would chip away at it and start with an evening we spent with Randy and Kelly Kaus and family on Dec.10. The Kauses join us for church on Sunday mornings and we enjoy their family very much. We ate some yummy apple pie, fudge, and krispie bars, drank hot tea, and played games and had a pleasant evening in their home. Some of us played Spy Alley, but alas, Randy got found out as a Russian Spy from the first in a lucky guess by Beth, so he was the designated banker for the rest of the game. Kelly ended up winning.

The kids enjoyed a game of Monopoly in the dining room.

Emily enjoyed holding LeAnna.

This is the quilted checker board game Beth and Janet made for their family.

This is the beautiful wall hanging we received as a gift from the Kauses. The saying on it is one we have wanted in our home for many years, but had never found it affordable. We are blessed to have it in our living room where our big dining table is, at which the Kauses share Sunday dinners with us most Sundays.

The Kaus family is one of the many blessings of 2009 that we thank God for when we count our blessings!

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