Friday, January 29, 2010

Guests January 19, 2010

Finally, Catressa Hamilton brought her boyfriend, Eddie Sweetwood, over to meet us. I had done a sewing job for them remodeling a size 56 football jersey down to a size medium so it would fit Eddie. They came over to pick up the shirt, eat supper with us, and play some Dutch Blitz. It was fun to see Catressa again, and to meet Eddie.

We had fun teaching Eddie how to play Dutch Blitz. Hopefully we can do it again soon!


Anonymous said...

Wow, you must have some sort of supernatural powers to be able to turn a jersey of that size into a medium! Kudos!

Janet said...

Missy, Thanks! The hardest part was taking the seams apart. Then I cut it down to size and put it back together. The good thing was that I had a medium jersey to compare to!

Anonymous said...

It all still sounds rather complicated. I'm not a very domestic sort of girl. Is that the word I'm looking for?