Friday, March 12, 2010

Visit with "old" friends!

The last post was about a new friend; this one is about old friends. But they are younger than us, and not friends from "too" long ago. Becky and Fred Weiser lived in Johnstown from 2001-2006 and we were close friends almost all of that time. They moved back to Pennsylvania where they had lived before and we have only seen them a few times since then. They were out to ski in Colorado this past week, so we were glad to have the opportunity to spend an evening together with them last night.

After supper, Rowen, Becky, Beth, Emily, and I walked to the Parish House museum for Becky to look around. She was a vital member of the Historical Society during her time in Johnstown. We miss her expertise in antiques so much. It was a delightful evening for a walk. We warmed up a bit with some tea after our walk. Tea was something Becky and I did pretty frequently while she was living here.

Rowen and Fred

Emily, Jeffrey, and Jason played Stratego and Risk with Conrad and Bryson.

It was so fun to visit and catch up. We were so glad they came to Colorado and we got to see them. Though we'd love to go to Pennsylvania and see them, it might not ever happen. Randy and Joy got to stay with them when they were in PA a couple of years ago and Becky was a wonderful hostess to them as she always was in Colorado. Becky and Fred are very special to us.

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