Thursday, April 15, 2010

Painting Projects over Spring Break

When we moved in here in August, 1989, we painted everything Country White, even the baseboards. If you have been a recent reader, you know that during Christmas Break, we started painting parts of our house that had been Country White for 20 years. After taking a "break" from painting, we again painted during Spring Break, March 29 through April 1. Rowen's and my bedroom was the first project, then the entryway and stairways/landings down to the basement. In our bedroom, we decided on a raspberry accent wall, with 3 walls a light pink. Here Emily and Beth are helping with the pink rolling. Rowen also gave the ceiling fresh paint.

Rowen rolling pink.

The finished pink walls and white ceiling.

Doing the baseboard in white next to the raspberry accent wall.

Rowen cutting in up high in the entry way. We primed everything before putting the color on.

Cutting in on the low parts with Nevada Tan, which is also the underneath color on the upstairs hallway under the scone fauxing.

Rowen painting white ceiling paint in the tight triangle. It is shaped this way because it is below the stairs going up to the upper level.

Rowen cutting in the Nevada Tan base color in the entry to the family room.

While I was gone, some people did some experimentation with different colors and fauxing techniques. My advice: don't try this at home! Thankfully, it was painted over before I saw it!

Plain wall before fauxing.

We decided to use the double paint/double and textured rollers for the fauxing. We used a butterscotch type color and a scone color for the fauxing colors.

Entry way above the front door after the fauxing was completed.

Going down to front door from the main level. In this picture, you can see the adjoining wall of the upstairs hallway with the sea sponge fauxing using just the scone colored paint, and compare it to the double roller fauxing using two colors that goes down the stairs. The wall texturing is totally different for this part of the house compared to the upstairs, so we think it was a good choice to do the double roller technique here.

Entry way going downstairs. The small plaque on the wall says: When you are here you are family.

Finished pictures of our bedroom: We changed our bed back to the direction we had it our first 17 years in this house. Rowen really enjoys it in this position and I am sleeping better too!

Our Raspberry accent wall.

Next project is the living room. We're accepting suggestions for what color to do. We also want to repaint the pink upstairs bathroom.

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