Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beautiful Colorado Weather...

'Tis a privilege to live in Colorado!

This year the last couple weeks of May, and the first 3-days of June, the weather has been absolutely perfect here in northern Colorado. Every morning when I get up at 5:00 the temperature has been right at 50'F, and the highs in the afternoon have been poised between 68' -78'F. The skies have been mottled with small clumps of clouds, with the sun's warm rays held back just about perfectly. Because of this, we have been eating on our deck every evening, and lunches on weekends. A new mosquito zapper and a new wasp trap have even kept most of the flying pests away.

Tonight after our family meal of home-made pizza on the deck, Jeffrey, Beth, and Dad went on a bike ride on a gravel road north of town, up to where the Big Thompson flood of '76 washed out the bridge. It is such a quiet, restful spot that we have enjoyed before. Jason and Emily went over 3-miles south of town to Pioneer Ridge subdivision, which is at the top of a significant hill, a challenge they enjoy. Janet doesn't enjoy such bike riding, but she enjoyed the evening by taking her sewing machine and the quilt top that she is piecing out to the deck. The picnic table worked very nicely for it! When we got home from the bike rides, we found Janet on the exercise bike in our basement! She had logged over 8-miles, and likely got more exercise than all the rest of us.

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Steve And Gwen Geise said...

We are in the begining of winter here in SA. Every year we wonder why people here don't heat their houses. The mission office where we do intenet is like an frig. It looks like we'll be coming home for a US winter then back here again for another SA winter. Look forward to visiting with you all again next year sometime.