Friday, June 18, 2010

New quilt top completed

I think it was in March when I started cutting strips for this quilt. Yesterday, I completed the piecing with the borders. I am going to send it to the quilters in MO today. It is the biggest quilt I have ever made, (100x109.5) and goes nearly to the floor when on a queen sized bed. It has been lovingly made in hopes of giving it as a wedding gift to one of our "adopted" sons, Seth Stevenson and his intended, Alesia Pruitt. The name of the pattern is simply, "Five Stripes" from the book Quilts, Quilts, and More Quilts. I have lots of extra squares that I can add to in the future to make another quilt for Rowen and me.

Because the squares are alternated with the vertical and horizontal stripes, it looks like a basket weaving.

One corner, showing the border colors.
You can always click on the pictures to enlarge. I tried to make the squares really random so that ones that are exactly alike are not close to each other in the quilt.

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