Thursday, June 17, 2010

Operation Lifesaver Train Ride 6-11-10

A picture from the past!

Fifteen years ago, we went on the Operation Lifesaver train ride with our older children and Grandma and Grandpa Albertson. I was expecting Jason, and Beth was just 1 1/2. Jeffrey can barely remember it. In the picture below, Jeffrey, Grandma Albertson, Grandpa Albertson, Beth and I enjoy the train ride. Beth actually had a good nap...

Randy told me he told Quil a story about the train ride just last week! In the picture below, Randy and Tim are on the right second seat of the train.
After all these years, we found out the train ride was available again just in time for Beth's driver's training about the subject of train safety! From the left: Janet, Emily, Beth, Jeffrey, and Jason

Here the train guys are teaching us about train safety.

Here I am with our four large, younger children. BTW, according to this picture, I am still taller than Emily!

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