Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunday Picnic in the mountains (6/6/10)

Our group, except for Rowen who was taking the picture.

On Sunday after church, we packed up our Sunday dinner and went to
Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park on State Highway 34 for a picnic with the Kaus family.
This is one of our family's favorite picnicking spots and the first mountain spot Rowen
ever took me during my first visit to Colorado in 1983. The Kauses
had never been to this
spot, as it is hidden off the road if you don't know where to look. It was a beautiful day,
and we had yummy food, even though we did not take pictures of the actual picnic!
This is what the sky looked like; it always seems a deeper blue up there!

Randy and LeighAnna take a walk while Kelly, Janet, and Rowen discuss the Big Thompson flood.

LeighAnna loved the play equipment.

Jeffrey visiting with Harry Kaus.

Both Quinten and Harry love being with Jeffrey and Jason!

Quinten and Harry Kaus excavating with play equipment.

Jeffrey in a fun pose!

Rowen and I in front of the remains of the original power plant, which was destroyed in the 1976 Big Thompson Flood.

Kelly reading the informational signs about the 1976 Big Thompson Flood.

Some brave souls took a short hike!

It was an absolutely perfect day to be in the mountains!


Anonymous said...

It sure looks like Rowen taking a walk with LeighAnna instead of Randy. I think Randy was in Joplin...?
AGE does strange thangs to a person!
Love ya Sis.

Anonymous said...

Never Mind. I see now... Her Daddy must be Randy... huh! You haven't lost your mind yet. Just me.