Monday, July 5, 2010

Kazmaier family visit June 30-July 2, 2010

We enjoyed having our niece and her family with us for a short and sweet visit last week. Wednesday evening we all got together with Rowen's sister, Esther Mendez and her family for a picnic in the park.
Jeff and Shirlene

All of us who were at the park for a extended family picnic! There was a continual breeze that evening. It did keep us from feeling hot, but didn't help our hairdos!

Jeff, Manoj, and Rowen visiting

Great-Aunt Janet holding Anjali

Dan Mendez and his wife and girls and granddaughter

Pictures from around our house:
Andy playing legos.

Emily and Lacie playing checkers. This checkers game was given to Jeffrey and Beth for being in Jeff and Shirlene's wedding 12 years ago, July11, 1998.

Andy in our front yard

Jacob playing trains

Jeffrey and Jeff


Lacie and Shirlene

Shirlene and Beth

Pictures from our walk around Johnstown Lake:
The cousins and cousins-once-removed

Rowen and Janet and our niece, Shirlene and husband, Jeff

Jacob and Andy, my great nephews

Fun on the climbing wall at the park

Kazmaier family at the Johnstown Lake

Our family at the Johnstown Lake

We walked around the Johnstown Lake together.

Brooding mountains behind the lake. There was a forest fire in RMNP.

We are so blessed to live in a beautiful place and blessed that our loved ones come to see us here!

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