Monday, November 8, 2010

What we did for Halloween

Since Halloween was on Sunday, we figured Trick or Treating would interfere with the Federal Heights kids wanting to come to Sunday School. So we had Tract or Treat in front of the church. We had a table full of tracts, fliers about Sunday School, and cookies to offer any Trick or Treaters passing by. Only one of our regular families came by, but we passed out a lot of fliers about Sunday School to new contacts.
Ben and Titus Reynolds and our family

Jason lookin' like a farmer or a hill billy... He was our token costumed person. :)

Titus Reynolds and me

My husband, Rowen. We celebrated 27 years married in October!

Beth and Marlene Reynolds

Some of the tracts and cookies on the table

Ben greeting one family of Trick or Treaters. We didn't take pictures of the others who came by.

Stacie McVeigh, Steve Cunningham, Ben Reynolds, Kassie Reynolds, and our family. Tonya Sickler was there too, but she was probably in the house, stirring the chili we ate after the Tract or Treat.

We roasted marshmallows when the fire was "just right."

Steve is the expert marshmallow roaster, so he gave us all lessons!

We pray that the tracts and fliers we passed out will have eternal fruit.

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