Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rowen's 53rd birthday (January 21)

This is a gift Jeffrey gave Rowen.

It is a new Swiss Army knife; Rowen lost his down at Federal Heights a few weeks ago when he was shoveling snow at the church where we do children's ministry.

We all love and appreciate Rowen so much for being a wonderful husband, daddy, and example of Servant/Leader to us. He always puts all of us ahead of himself. He is one of the most unselfish people I have ever known. When he does voice a preference, we want to honor him by doing it. He loves fruit pies, so this is his birthday dessert. Apple pies. We will eat them at a family gathering today with two of Rowen's sisters and family in Greeley.

I thank God for the gift that Rowen is to our family and his family. When he was in the womb, his mother was 42 years old. She also had a grapefruit size tumor in her uterus. Nowadays, she probably would have been advised to abort the baby for her own health. I told her many times while she was living, "thank you" for giving birth to Rowen. He has been such a blessing throughout his life. His sweet, loving, patient, forgiving attitude is so special. He has always been a great teacher, passing on the things he learns to me and our children, as well as those with whom he works. I am thankful that he gave his heart to God when he was young and has lived a godly, consistent life.

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