Monday, March 21, 2011

Penguin Ice Cream homeschool tour March 10

We love field trips where we get to eat yummy stuff at the end of the tour! We went to Penguin Ice Cream in Loveland this month with our Johnstown-Milliken Homeschool Group. This is actually a picture of the door decal's shadow on the floor .

There is a train that usually runs on the track up by the ceiling, but we didn't get to see it in action. We did love the neat Grand Central Station clock.

All the kids got to wear aprons for the tour. Some of the kids had not yet arrived when we took this picture.

We thought this little girl was so cute, sitting on her mother's feet, just like a good penguin! She was listening to our tour guide, who was explaining how to make ice cream.

Watching the lady showing us how to make ice cream in the back room.

Short kids got to stand on a step-stool to check on the ice cream's progress.

Ice cream is ready to eat, ten minutes later!

My friend, Fawn and her kids eating bowls of ice cream after the tour.

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