Friday, May 13, 2011

15 days post surgery report

Hi Everybody,
I am so very happy to announce that I am free of drains and stitches!!! The pulling of the drains was very painful, but I am so glad they are out. I had no idea that just inside my skin, each drain had a Y with 2 long drains that had been completely around the implant top and bottom. Rowen says they were 10 inches long, but he does tend to exaggerate a tiny bit, so maybe they were really eight inches? I am so relieved to be done with them! I have to keep on taking it really easy for at least 2 more weeks, then I can begin doing more strenuous things.

I get to have a shower today! Since I haven't had a real one for over 2 weeks, I am very excited about that too! I also get to quit taking the antibiotic from which I have been developing red spots all over my arms, legs, and tummy for the last three days. I no longer have to sleep on the incline pillow. I can sleep how I want to, except not on my tummy.

While we were out and about, we went to the oncologist's office so we would know where to go next week. Since we were there, we got to get all the paperwork done. I will see the oncologist on May 19. Her name is Dr. Ann Stroh. Please pray that the Lord will give her wisdom for exactly the best course of action for my particular case.

I cannot express how grateful I am to be prayed for by so many dear people! God has been good and faithful to me and our family and we know He will continue His goodness and faithfulness into our unknown future. That's Who He is!


Anonymous said...

okay, here I go.
I am a long time lurker of yours. I found your blog years ago when I was looking on the web for modest communities and stumbled onto
I have been reading your family blog for years and feel I know you a little. I was heartbroken when you posted about your cancer. I have been following your updates and praise our Lord for seeing you through such a scary time.
I am so blessed by your courage and faith, feel unable to even express! My husband and I have come on hard times and sometimes I struggle with giving Him praise because I'm not pleased with how things are going.
Your courage to share what your walking through and the blessed smile on your face have given me some borrowed faith...if that is even possible.
Thank you, sister in Christ. I am truly encouraged and blessed by you.
Lenni in Washington State

Janet said...

Thank you so much for your comment, for your prayers, and for caring about our family. Someday in heaven, we will hear your story of God's faithfulness in your family. I am praying for you now to see and know God's leading and His way through your hard times and struggles.
Janet Albertson