Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado news

I hope I have these details correct. This is what I understand...

The tornado was on the south part of town, I'm guessing within a mile south of Mother and Daddy. Randy and Joy are a little north of Mother and Daddy, and Tim and Brenda are north even more. So their houses weren't touched at all. Mother and Daddy have a land line phone, but it wasn't working during or after the storm. Their cell phones were off and on working, but better at texting than calling. Mother had internet service the whole time though. We "Skyped" with her last night at bedtime. They never lost electricity. We heard this morning that gas was turned off even in unaffected areas, but our kids still had gas. Mother has electric stove, while the daughters-in-law don't. They were supposed to boil water, so I was glad the girls' gas wasn't off.

Last evening, Randy and Tim went as far as they could driving to the affected area, then walked, asking people if they needed help. At a nursing home that was badly damaged, they were asked to help get injured people out. They did that quite a while. There were ambulances and people to take the injured to help after they were out of the rubble. They went to a man's house that comes to church part of the time. It was completely destroyed. They tried calling to him in the rubble. A neighbor whose house was also rubble said that he was not at home. So that relieved them that he was not in there somewhere. I think when it got dark they went home. It was 10 pm their time when we talked to them. They said it was unbelievable, the destruction!

Today they offered to help again, but FEMA has arrived and only will let First Responders help today. They took Randy and Tim's names. They were not organized for public volunteers. They tried to give blood, but only O- blood was being taken there.

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The Dickinsons said...

We are praying for you and your family today. I wanted to tell you that we appreciate your little blog roll for people with health issues; it helps us to remember to pray for them. We're so glad that God kept your loved ones safe in Joplin, MO. All the loss is so sad.
Tried to comment on Emily's blog today but due to a glitch it wouldn't allow it. Keep looking up to Jesus,
Phillip, Heather, and family