Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bright Lights Discipleship Group

Beth and Emily are so glad to have the privilege to be in a discipleship group (Bible Study) with some other homeschool girls. They had seven meetings this summer and are going to continue with nine more this fall.

The meetings usually start with music: singing around the piano; then prayer/memory verse time with partners; then the lesson; an activity; and tea. The lesson curriculum and group is called BRIGHT Lights. (BRIGHT stands for Being Radient in Godliness, Holiness, and Testimony. You can click here for more information. The lessons were written by Miss Sarah Mally, who started B.L. discipleship groups. Now, leaders sign-up to have the "Bible studies" and use the lessons.)

One day they made little "lanterns" out of tea-cups:

They sang some of their songs at two nursing homes; shared testimonies, played piano, violins, and flute, and visited with those there.

Greeley Bright Lights group.

Emily and two others at a Bright Lights meeting.

B.L. group leader, Mrs. Fulton.

More girls...

Having tea...

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