Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pictures from Emily's birthday

The big surprise for Emily was being given the Block of the Month Quilt for her birthday. She had no idea I had even gotten it bound, because it was a secret project I did while she was spending the afternoon with a friend!

The special guests for Emily's birthday meal were the Strubhars, who live in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We met them at a Christmas party in 2010, and then they had us over on Christmas Day that year. Emily is great friends with Ivanna, so we invited her family to spend part of Emily's birthday with us. Besides eating and visiting, we enjoyed playing instruments and singing together.

Grace, Emily, Ivanna, Faith, and Beth at the girls' table.

Grace and Ivanna with their accordions and Emily with her violin. Faith played her violin, Jason the cello, and Beth and I played pianos. Everybody else sang.

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