Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Want some nickels, Your Majesty?" - from Beth

Sometimes working in customer service can be a lot of fun. I have two stories from last week that I'll share here... the post title is a combination of the two.

I believe it was Thursday, that I had wrung up some things for a particular older gentleman. It was probably when he showed me his ID (for credit card use) that I said to him, "Thank you, sir." He, with a straight face said, "You don't need to call me 'sir'..." (now I was presuming he was going to finish his sentence with "...I work for a living," like others sometimes say, but he continued,) "...'Your Majesty' will be just fine." I smiled/laughed, and said, "Ok... Thank you, Your Majesty!" He smiled and his eye twinkled as he walked away. It's been too long; I've told the story a few times, and I just can't remember, but I believe he also said, "Now you remember that for next time!"

On Saturday I was busy checking out one customer and had one in line, waiting. Another, a lady, came through the door, and I glanced up to ask, "What can we help you find today?" The tall senior citizen stated matter-of-factly, "I need a box of nickels." At least, that's what I thought she said. Sometimes when people answer that greeting-question, they say, "a million dollars," and then you have to dash their hopes and say that they won't find it here. I decided to finish with that one customer and then ask the lady for an explanation... since she was standing there waiting for me anyway! Finished, I said, "I'm not sure I understand what you mean. You want a box of nickels?" I didn't let my face show my true feeling of incredulity. She, helpfully, leaned down under the counter (where our candy is) and pulled up a roll of these.

Of course, once I knew she wanted Necco candy rolls, and wasn't simply teasing me about money, I was thrilled to help her out (by having someone go get her "a box of Neccos").

- Beth

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