Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Long Picture Post - (Cheer!)

Picture taken by Emily A.

Picture taken by Emily A.

Picture taken by Emily A.

Picture taken by Emily A.
Emily on the Johnstown lake's dock, while on a bike ride with Jason.

Jase and Em love to go on bike-rides as much of the year as possible!
Janet and girls have been babysitting a few children each Thursday while their mommies have Bible study.  Here's a picture of "circle time", in which we read books and sing songs together.

Two little babysitting girls.

Lego time!

Picture taken by Emily A.
One thing we really enjoy on Sundays and on weekday evenings (as opportunities come up) is video-chatting with our grand-children.  We do get to "Skype" more often with Charissa than with Quil and Micah.

She loves to smile at us on video-chat!  We have seen her do her roll-over tricks while chatting too!

Janet's special sewing project for Randy and Joy's baby boy.  The bear is appliqued onto the green fabric, and the backing "I Love Grandma" fabric is just wrapped around the bear for the picture.
Another Grandma sewing project--a log cabin quilt in the works!

Jeff's friend Amit took this picture of him at God's Bible School yesterday.

Beth and Linc reading a book together earlier this month.

Picture taken by Emily A.  Check out more wonderful pictures here.

This was the Palm Sunday crowd at our Federal Heights Sunday School.  We have been running 5-10 kids a week otherwise, but the Lord's been helping us every week, for which we are thankful.

Janet's fluffy hair today!

It sure has deep waves!

Janet, Karla, and Linda are three moms in Home Educators Fellowship who have survived cancer.  They each got to share their stories and testimonies of the Lord's goodness to them at Mom's Night Out this month.

Janet, Linda, Sue, and Karla.  Sue is the leader of HEF and Mom's Night Out.

Lincoln with our flower mound.  (You'll notice the saturation difference between this picture and the next.)

On April 4th, the Kauses came over for the evening.  Here's Randy, baby Luther, and Rowen visiting.
Janet and Kelly
Jeffrey and Harry
Jason and Quentin
Beth and LeighAnna.  Em was the photographer, and we didn't get any pictures of her playing with L, but she did. =)

Last year our tulips and daffodils weren't blooming until right around Janet's surgery (April 28th), but this year spring came early.  We've really enjoyed all the blossoming trees and, of course all the flowers.

Jason and Emily love to play their strings together.  One evening found them on the deck practicing.

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