Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break with Jeffrey here

We have enjoyed having Jeffrey home since last Thursday; he will be flying away Easter morning. Late morning on Wednesday, we took off and went to the mountains so that Jeffrey could have some mountain time before heading back to Ohio, and then to Missouri for the summer. We had Lincoln Brown with us, which was a very unusual situation. He usually is babysat at our house or his house; this was the first time we ever took him with us to the mountains. He seemed to have a good time, and we did too.
We ate our picnic lunch at Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park, and spent some time there enjoying the day.

These next two pictures of Lincoln were taken to mimic the pictures of Quil and Micah from last June at the same location! Click here to see one of those pictures. I guess I didn't blog the one of Quil and Micah in the window.

Later we drove up past Drake on Glen Haven Road and turned off on Dunraven Glade Road and hiked awhile on the Dunraven Trail. We ended up at this stream where Jason walked across the log and Emily and Lincoln really wanted to...

but we got him stopped in time!

It was just a little chilly with the breeze, so I wore a hat.

It was a gorgeous day and we were so glad to do something special with Jeffrey. He has spent a lot of time on his spring break studying.

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Trusting Mom said...

Beautiful pictures! Really enjoyed them!