Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I saw my sisters on our trip...

 On our way to Cincinnati, we stayed the night in Columbia, Mo.  My sister, Marlene, took us to Cracker Barrel to eat, and then we went out to "The Land" and saw my brother, Lyndell, Sharen, and Austin.  Lyndell had sawdust all over him, because he was cutting and framing in bedroom windows, and I didn't even get to hug him.  We didn't have our camera with us, because we had jumped into Marlene's car, so these cell phone pictures are all I have.
 Rowen, Sharen, and Marlene were watching Austin and Emily having fun on the 4-wheeler.
 Austin was pulling Emily on the magic carpet ride.  She loved it!
On our way from Cincinnati to Joplin, we stayed the night in Wentzville, Mo. at my sister, Brenda's house.  We got to visit a tiny bit with Charley, Leah, and Andrew, but Rebekah was at work.  Rebekah did allow us to stay in her apartment, and we appreciated the good sleep.
Thursday night before we came home on Friday, my other sister, Sherry, came over and spent the evening visiting with us at Tim's house.  I am so sorry we didn't get a picture of her, or her husband, Tim, and newly graduated daughter, Tasha, or her boyfriend, Griffin, who I had a fun time visiting with!!  I was glad we got to see all of them.  I love my family!

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