Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June Activities - Part 1

On Friday, June 1st, we had a family get-together with Rowen's sister Esther's family, our niece Shirlene's family, and all of us Johnstown Albertsons. 
Albertsons, Mendezes, Manoharans, and Kazmaiers (photo by Jeff Kazmaier)

...and the rest. (photo by Jeff Kazmaier)

On Friday, June 8th, Rowen and Janet got to go to an ice-cream social at the Hinkles' home.  Jason and Emily were not feeling well, and Beth had to work too late to come, but R&J enjoyed it!

Our friends' beautiful clamatis!
Ladies visiting at the social.
And the children looking sweet!

...and the men.
June 9th was Mike and Carmen Durkee's wedding reception.

The happy couple!
Looking at the quilt Janet made them as a wedding gift.

Handbell Choir Concert
We went to hear the Wesley Bell Ringers play on Saturday (June 9th) evening in Longmont.  These teens are really good at what they do!  We enjoyed the music.

Fashionable Hairdo!

How Janet's hair looks this month.

Photographer's View
Emily's been pretty excited about having a new camera!

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