Monday, January 28, 2013

Short Visit from Richard and Judy Grout

 On January 8, Richard and Judy Grout, missionaries to Russia, came through Colorado as part of their deputation travels.  We were privileged to have them in our home for the evening and overnight.  We have been blessed to be a regular stop-over place for them many times through the years when they have been headed west. They wanted to update our family on their activities.  We also invited Bob and Catherine Desmond over so they could see and hear the Grouts. 

Richard hooked our computer monitor up to his laptop so we could see slide shows about the work in Russia.
Richard was explaining how they had passed out the London 12 books at the Olympics.
Bob and Catherine have been dear friends and supporters of the Grouts for the 20 years they have been in Russia.  They have "adopted" some of the orphans and written letters and sent gifts to them through the years.
I'm sorry the picture does not show that Beth was there too.  She must have been hidden by Bob.  Rowen took the pictures, so he isn't in them.
Bob and Catherine are very special to us.

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