Monday, April 8, 2013

Recent Concerts Jason and Emily were in

(Click on the blue words to see and hear the concerts.
This is the instrumental ensemble in which Jason and Emily played cello and violin with other home schoolers.

This is the choir in which Jason and Emily sang with other home schoolers.
 These events ended the Spring semester at CHESS, our home school private school.  The ensemble was directed by Mrs. Teri Ong, who with her husband Steve started CHESS 22 years ago.  Our family has been enrolled in CHESS 21 years!  The choir was directed by Mr. James Clifford, who has been the administrator of CHESS for 10 years.  We appreciate these folks who have invested in the home schooling community and in our family.  Next, CHESS will be doing achievement testing.  Emily is scheduled for that April 25-26.

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