Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Matter of Trust Book Review

I had read another book by Lis Wiehl, so I knew she writes a strong crime mystery novel with surprising twists and turns.  Mia Quinn is a prosecutor for a county District Attorney’s office, recently returning to that job after the death of her husband in a car crash.  She is on the phone with her best friend, another prosecuting attorney in the office, when she hears her friend get shot and killed.  The book is spent with her and a police officer investigating this murder and a similar one of another prosecuting attorney that happened four years ago.  At the same time, they are investigating a suicidal death of a young boy, the age of Mia’s own son, who was bullied and harassed at school and on Facebook leading to his death. 
Mia’s father has recently found Christ as his Savior and shows Mia how Christ can transform an absent, abandoning father, into a loving, kind, and helpful dad.  Mia needs all the support she can get because of the loss of her husband and her friend, but also because she finds out their financial chaos her husband had hid from her.  Going back to work leaves her teen son alone too much of the time, and exposed to the peer pressure of students who will bully him if he doesn’t go along with their plans.  The changes and losses in her four-year-old daughter’s life cause her to have night terrors.  How can Mia be fully engaged at work, investigate the murders, be a good mom to her kids, and keep anyone else from being killed?
I enjoyed this book because I love mysteries that are hard to figure out.  This book deals with current issues, like bullying at school, dangers of social media, keeping our kids safe, and pressures of finances in our day.  It is an intense book that I would not recommend for young readers, but is definitely appropriate for adults who enjoy mysteries.
I received my complimentary e-copy from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review of this book. 

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