Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jeffrey's 22nd birthday, July 14

 For Jeffrey's birthday, we went to Colorado Springs and got in on the Tent Meeting there.  We spent time with Rowen's cousin and uncle, and we enjoyed a walk in the Garden of the Gods.

Jeffrey with Uncle Alvin and Katie's beautiful clematis.
More pictures of Jeffrey being 22.  We have enjoyed having him home for the summer.

 On our walk in the Garden of the Gods, Jeffrey was interviewing Jason, as a "geologist" about the formations found in the park.  It was absolutely crazy listening to the nonsense Jason was making up on the spot.

Between the next two pictures, you can see all of us.  Both Emily and Rowen, as photographers, don't get in very many pictures.

 It was a beautiful day to spend together with those we love.

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