Sunday, July 28, 2013

Book Review: The Living Room by Robert Whitlow

The Living Room by Robert Whitlow
I read a lot of Robert Whitlow books in 2011 while I was having chemo.  I discovered then that he is an author who makes me think!  There is always a Christian theme running throughout, but also conflicts and mysteries on many levels.  I was excited to find this book up for review on Book Sneeze.
Amy Clarke is the main character.  She is married with two children, ages ten and fourteen.  The ten-year-old is delightfully all boy and the fourteen-year-old girl is at the stage of pulling away from her parents as they try to protect her from dangers she does not realize are there.  Amy has a special relationship with the Lord that carries over into her dreams, where she feels the peace and restoration of God.  She also receives inspiration for her books, and most recently, it seems God is warning her about future events in these dreams.  Amy has finished two inspirational novels and is working on a third book, which is dealing with darker conflicts.  She gets called back to the law office where she previously worked, to fill in for a maternity leave.  When she has insights about the cases the lawyers are working on, she has to decide whether to talk about her dreams, and the lawyers have to decide whether to act on her dreams.
Meanwhile her daughter seems to be getting too close to one of her single male teachers, and has several episodes of unexplained loss of consciousness.  Amy and her husband, Jeff, were interesting to watch in their parenting techniques, communication, and affirmations through the trials of life. I enjoyed Mr. Whitlow having his character Amy contrast her marriage communication with the communication of Amy’s fictional characters in her books!
All Mr. Whitlow’s books that I have read have had lawyers and law matters central in the plot.  My understanding is broadened by all the information in the storyline. 
I highly recommend and appreciate the clean, intellectual mystery writing and look forward to more books by Robert Whitlow.
Book Sneeze provided me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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