Saturday, October 5, 2013

Baptismal Service 9-8-13

 September 8 was a beautiful day for the baptismal service.  The next day all the rains started that caused flooding in Colorado.  We were blessed to have this beautiful day before the storm!
 Jonathan giving a wave!
 Randy helped with the baptism of Joy and Katie.
 Steve was teaching Quil and Micah how to make a reed whistle.
Micah trying the whistle.
We had some scripture and a few songs, led by Rev. Marvin Mosley.
 There was no rain, thankfully, but the sun was bright, and umbrellas were handy.
 Janet, Beth, and Jonathan enjoying the shade of the umbrella.
 Three of the Lucas children were baptized:  Sammy, Carrie, and Crystal
 Our daughter-in-law, Joy was baptized.
 The Lucas children after being baptized
Rowen's cousin, Katie, being baptized
 Several older ones preferred the pouring method of baptism.
 Rowen, Katie, and Joy
 Afterwards, we were invited to the Lucas home for food and a time of sharing music and testimonies.
 It was a wonderful day of the Lord's blessings!

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