Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 JHS Quilt Show 10-12-13

 I am very slow in getting any pictures on of our quilt show.  There is no way to put all of them (158), so I chose a few.  This one won Viewers' Choice 2nd place.  It is a memory wall hanging with old pictures of the quilter's ancestors.
I loved the irises on this one.
 These colors were so vivid.
 These fabrics were all flowers.
 This was called "Lost Socks"--not a mate in the whole thing.
 The interwoven red and blue strips made this so interesting.
 This is Beth's quilt, Beth's design that she started in 2011 and finished this year.
 This is my 2012 Facebook Block of the Month quilt that I gifted to our dear friends and family doctors, the Browns.  They graciously allowed me to show it in the quilt show.   It has a throw pillow to match.
 Cathedral window quilts have always been fascinating to me.
 These are made with tiny hexagons and appliques by probably the most creative woman I know.  She makes intricate pictures like this every year.  Be sure and click on the picture to see it bigger.
 We had lots of visitors who loved looking at the quilts and reading the stories behind each one.  We provide white gloves for them to wear so they can touch the quilts.
 Randy got to help with the set up the night before.  It's been a few years since he had that opportunity!  The whole family came to see the quilts.
 The next two pictures are taken from the top of the folded up bleachers to get more of the quilt gym perspective.

 We had a program called a "Bed Turning" by our quilt appraiser.  We had this old fashioned bed with over 15 of her antique quilts on it.  The helper ladies held up each quilt as she told the history of the quilts.  She has over 600 quilts in her personal collection!
 The quilts she showed were all from the 1800s.  This quilt has a mistake in it.  Can you find it?
 A silly picture in front of a very "loud" quilt.  Emily called my name and I wheeled around.  I didn't have white gloves on, so I was keeping my hands from touching any of the quilts.
 My latest quilt, which is for sale, email me if interested!!
 The first place Viewers' Choice winner.
 Quilt Show is always a lot of work, but it is a good fundraiser for the Historical Society.  People tell us that we have one of the best shows in the area.  I'm always glad when we live through it! :)

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