Friday, February 7, 2014

Beth away at college

In December, Beth decided to go to God's Bible School and College for the Spring semester, instead of waiting until next August.  Because Jeffrey and Jason were home for Christmas, we wondered if she could fit all of her stuff into their van; but because of the passenger they had to pick up on the way, AND getting all three of them moved back out of dorms for the summer, we knew it would never work.  Therefore, we decided to have me (Janet) drive to Cincinnati with her in our other Chevy Venture van (Jason has one also), leave the van there for the kids to drive, and fly back afterwards.  We had a wonderful time together, driving those many miles.  We never slept a wink while we were in the van, but kept each other awake and traded drivers often.  In the two days, we had two great Bible studies, sang lots of songs, listened to music and sermons, told stories, prayed together. It was a very special time to spend together.  I got to help her get moved into her dorm room, decorate, clean, and organize.  I spent two days there, and enjoyed getting to visit with some of the girls who were arriving back from Christmas break.

We had prayed for the Lord to give Beth the very roommate He saw that she needed.  And He did.  Heidi Rebman is Beth's roommate.  They are becoming good friends and an encouragement to each other.  This is a picture I "stole" from Heidi off Facebook today.  

We miss Beth, Jeffrey, and Jason, but we are so glad they are in a place where Christ is honored, where they can have friends and relationships that will last for their lives, and where they can become prepared for the work God has for them to do.  We enjoy video chatting with them every now and then.

Emily is our only child at home now, but we have two boarders, so we are keeping busy and happy in the Lord.

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Heidi Rebman said...

Beth is a sweetheart!!!!! Thank you for living your life in such a way that she would follow your example and love Jesus just as you do. She is a blessing in SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many ways! One of my favorite reasons I am thankful for her as a roommate is that she is TOTALLY surrendered to God and her deepest desire is to love and serve Him. That in and of itself has blessed me many times over. May God continue to grow us IN Him. =)