Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving Trip

These pictures got out of order as I loaded them, and with 28, I'm not going to change them all around!  This is the Settlers of Catan game at Tim and Brenda's with Jeffrey and Jason.
 Aunt Emily and her niece, Charissa
 Our niece, Rebekah Owens, Janet and Rowen.  Rebekah and Janet had just had a brisk walk in my parents's neighborhood.
 Charissa on Grandma Scoles's porch
 That game again.  It looks like Jason got a special phone call from someone special!
 Grandma Albertson playing a memory game with Charissa that we got her for Christmas.
 Emily and Rowen took some family pictures for Tim and Brenda.

 Charissa had some fun kinetic sand to play with.  It kept her occupied during the times when we were talking and talking, and not playing with her.
 Jeffrey and Jason had saved up their need of haircuts so Janet could do it for them!
 Rowen looking sweet!
 The quilt we gave Charissa for Christmas
 My mother, Wanda Scoles
 My mother and Tim, our son
 My dad, Rex Scoles, explaining something to somebody...
 At my parents' house, Jeffrey was valiantly keeping Charissa out of a Mexican Train dominoes game.
 My parents, Wanda and Rex Scoles
 Beth, making herself useful as well as beautiful.  There are always dishes to do at one of these gatherings.
 Uncle Jason the day before his haircut
 Mother got out a lot of very old picture albums that some people were looking through.
 The aforementioned Mexican Train game!
 Back at Tim and Brenda's.  Charissa had given each of us some kinetic sand to play with while we talked!
                           Tim, enjoying his family being there.
 Another picture of us all playing with the sand while we discussed deep matters!
 Emily entertaining Charissa with her alphabet magnets.
We had a very nice time with all of our family, and were blessed with safe travel for all of the many miles!

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