Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving with our children and grandson

This week we were privileged to have all of our children home for Thanksgiving. Randy, Joy, Quil, Tim, and Brenda arrived on Monday morning after driving all night from Missouri. We enjoyed having the whole week together. We read lots of books to Quil. Here is Grandpa Rowen reading a book to him.

We loved having time to get better acquainted with Quil. In the background of this picture, you can see the new doily that my mother made for me for Christmas.

Lincoln was here being babysat Monday and Tuesday afternoons and Lincoln and Quil got to play together. Lincoln is almost 4 months older than Quil. We were hoping Lincoln would teach Quil how to talk, but it didn't happen.
Brenda and I were making cider to drink while we played games.
The guys played Anti-Monopoly for parts of two days. The girls played faster-paced and shorter-lived games, but the guys did not take pictures of us.
This picture was taken on Thanksgiving day at the noon meal. This is the north end of the table.

Here are the folks on the south end of the table.

Every lunch time meal, Quil got really sleepy before we were through eating! I suppose it was because of the time zone change; it was really his nap time!

Jason and Quil playing in the basement

We took several walks to try to combat all the food we ate this week! We no longer have a baby stroller, so we took turns walking with Quil, or holding him as we walked.
He likes being on someone's shoulders. In this case, it was his daddy, Randy's shoulders.
We are quite a group! We were thankful for several beautiful days. This happened to be a gorgeous warm day.

This was a colder day when Grandpa was off work and got to go on the daily walk.
This was breakfast on Thanksgiving. Quil was having some Grandma "lap time."
Quil likes to wear overalls because they have pockets.

We opened Christmas presents while we had everybody here. Tim is displaying a wall hanging I made for him, my first attempt at calligraphy!

Beth made Randy a wall hanging cross stitching "A Careful Man I Want to Be, A Little Fellow Follows Me." I made one for Rowen when Randy was a little boy and it seemed only appropriate to make one for Randy and his little boy! Beth did a beautiful job and Rowen helped with framing.

Brenda made Emily a new robe for Christmas!

Our Missourian relatives left on Friday evening at 7:50 pm and were home safely 12 hours later this morning! We thank the Lord for the good times we had together and for the safe travel He gave them through slick roads and snow going home. We have many more pictures, but maybe these are enough.

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