Monday, November 17, 2008

Revival at Wesleyan Bible Church in Lakewood

Hi, Beth here!
We really enjoyed attending three services of the Wesleyan Bible Church in Lakewood, CO this past weekend. We went Friday night, and of course the dear people of the church wanted us to come back for Sunday.. so we did.. and we're glad we did. After the morning service we participated in a potluck at the Esparzas' home with the Esparzas, the Battons, the Kearneys, and Knox Bullock, who was the evangelist. The food was good, the fellowship was good, and we appreciate the Esparzas opening their home for that meal.

Pictures at the Esparzas:

Rev. Knox Bullock, Beth and Rev. Dan Batton (Beth is Knox's sister)

Cindy and Steve Kearney and Daddy and Mother

Jeff, Jason, and Emily

The Esparza family L-R: Alex, Heather, Jerry, and Jenae
(their older son Brandon is at college)

The Batton family L-R: Dan, Jill, and Beth

The Kearneys invited us to come to their house and stay for the afternoon so that we could be in the evening service. Everyone but Mother (she didn't have on her walking shoes) went on a ~2 mile walk with the Kearneys. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Then we visited for the rest of the afternoon and went to service that evening. It was truly a delightful day.

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