Friday, November 14, 2008

November non newsy news

This is the brand new fishing dock at the west end of Johnstown Reservoir. There is a walking path all around the lake where we often walk. This picture was taken on our Sunday afternoon, pre-nap walk, November 2.

On Election Day, Jeffrey and Janet were election judges at the Johnstown Vote Center. In our county, you can vote at any one of 34 vote centers. So we had voters from around the county, not just Johnstonians in our vote center. At our vote center, McCain/Palin won, and all the Republicans also won. Also, now the statistics have been published for our town's votes, and the Republicans won every race quite handily. Sorry it didn't carry over to the rest of our county, state, etc.
In our vote center, we had 1053 voters use the electronic voting machines, and 75 used paper ballots voting provisionally. We also had lots of other people come in, who we directed to go to Larimer County to vote (as that was where they were registered to vote), or to go to one of two places where they could emergency register (change their registration from another county from which they had moved) and vote.
When we opened the polls at 7 am, we had a long line waiting. It was 11:30 am before the line was no longer stretching outside the building. In the afternoon, we kept steadily busy but only for a short time did we have another long line. In Weld County, 70% of voters had either voted mail-in or early voting, so it made Election Day much for bearable for all the vote centers.
We had no problems throughout the day with voting machines or computers or people! Thank the Lord!
Other than the election, and school, school, school, we haven't been having too much excitement. We did have Mike Durkee visiting last weekend, but we didn't "shoot" him. We were thankful we kept him late enough playing "The Ungame" Sunday evening, that he missed the multi car accident on I-25 on his way home.
We got a dusting of snow this morning: our first for the season! This is our deck on the south of the house. It always gets more snow than the front yard.
We are doing various projects getting ready for Randy, Joy, Quil, Tim, and Brenda coming for Thanksgiving week. We are trying to get all the presents ready so we can celebrate Christmas with them at the same time.

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Thanks for the nice comments on my Elijah's pictures.

That is neat that you have that walk around that lake...that looks fun and relaxing. =)

Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.