Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tim is 21 now!

Yesterday, our second born son, Tim, got to be a real adult! He is now 21. He is married and lives in Joplin, MO with his wonderful wife, Brenda. He and his big brother, Randy, work together every day as they did for years when they were still home, only now they paint houses for a living, rather than mow lawns.

Tim is a blessing to all of us. He is fun to be with and is so smart about thinking things through and problem solving. He is serious about his relationship with the Lord and being a godly leader for his wife.

I remember when he was born. He aspirated some fluid into his lungs during the birth and within a half hour or so was taken from us by a concerned nurse who tried to keep us from knowing her concern. When I was taken up to my room a little later, a portable x-ray machine was being rushed down the hall to the nursery. I said to Rowen, "Some little baby is sick and having to have an x-ray." We found out later it was our baby.

He was on oxygen and we were not allowed to hold him or hardly be with him for about 24 hours. During that time, we gave him completely to the Lord, knowing He knew what was best. I remember the peace that came from surrender to God and I sang in the hospital room shower, 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus'.

God helped "Timmy" to get well very soon and we were home in a couple of days. We have always been thankful for the gift he has been to our family.

Even today to think of that song or to sing it brings back the gift of peace and love that God gave me that day. It was such a blessing that at Tim's high school graduation, 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus' was the congregational song at the start of the service. How appropriate it was, though the ones who planned the service did not know the significance to our family!

We miss having Tim in our home, but we are happy he is following God's will for his life. We raised him to send him out to serve the Lord and have his own family. We are so happy that he is diligent in his work, and his efforts for God's kingdom in children's ministry.

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