Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday's Activities (By Beth)

After spending the morning cleaning house and reading blogs... :) we were privileged to tour the McCarty-Fickel home in Berthoud, CO with several other members of the Johnstown Historical Society .

We got the "insiders" tour.. everything down to seeing the storage, going on the enclosed porch, having the player piano and record player demonstrated to us, etc. Well anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed the tour and the interesting history of the house and the families who lived there.

Brief, brief history of the house: The Dr. McCarty family had the house built in 1916 and after both he and his wife passed away their daughter (Dr. Helen) lived in it with her husband (Dr. Fickel, a dentist) and family until her recent death. He is still living and donated the house to the Berthoud Historical Society.

You can read more about the McCarty-Fickel home by enlarging this brochure clipping.

After the tour and before supper we stopped by our neighbor, Rachel's house to sing "Happy Birthday" to her (her 92nd). We enjoyed visiting with her and took this picture of Mother and her.

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